Director Romolo Guerrieri; Writer Giuseppe Fina; Language Italian; Genres Drama, History; Advertisement. James Lovell apollo 13.jpg 3,894 × 3,886; 2.27 MB. The famous town square is Piazza Umberto I in the village of Palazzo Adriano, about 30 miles to the south of Palermo. Ruban d'argent de la meilleure actrice dans un second rôle,, Article avec une section vide ou incomplète, Article de Wikipédia avec notice d'autorité, Page pointant vers des bases relatives à l'audiovisuel, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. A young Chinese warrior steals a sword from a famed swordsman and then escapes into a world of romantic adventure with a mysterious man in the frontier of the nation. Isa Danieli at the Internet Movie Database Isa Danieli. Work. Bianco studied philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy and Humanistic Studies, architecture and building engineering at the University of Malta, geology of building materials at the University of Leicester and modern architectural history at The Bartlett Graduate School, University College London. IMDB TMDB JustWatch Wikipedia; Refresh Data; Set Profile Image; Advertisement. Italian Wikipedia. All. Reasonator; Scholia; Statistics; Media in category "Isa Danieli" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Elle a reçu le Ruban d'argent de la meilleure actrice dans un second rôle en 1986 pour son rôle dans Camorra (1986). ایزا دنیلی (ایتالیایی: Isa Danieli ‎؛ زادهٔ ۱۳ مارس ۱۹۳۷) یک هنرپیشه اهل ایتالیا است.. از فیلم‌ها یا برنامه‌های تلویزیونی که وی در آن نقش داشته است، می‌توان به سینما پارادیزو، ماکارونی و فردیناند و کارولینا اشاره کرد. imported from Wikimedia project. All. 5. 2019. Isa Danieli, née le 13 mars 1937 à Naples, est une actrice italienne. Isa Danieli (born 1937) is an Italian film actress. Search the latest about Isa Danieli on Bing. Movie ∙ Jun 1, 2019. Isa Danieli Milo Dragovic, "The Albanian" Salvatore Borghese; Adalberto Maria Perrone Luciano Catenacci; Mario Di Gennaro Guido Leontini; Commissioner Valenzi Mario Piave; Brothers Till We Die (original title La banda del gobbo (("The gang of the hunchback"))) is a 1978 Italian crime movie directed by Umberto Lenzi. Search popularity. Overview. Compare. Check In. In Wikipedia. Isa Danieli - foto di Augusto De Luca.jpg 581 × 591; 159 KB. Isa Danieli, pseudonimo di Luisa Amatucci (Napoli, 13 marzo 1937), è un'attrice italiana. Isa Danieli dans le film Il lumacone (1974) Données clés; Nom de naissance: Luisa Amatucci: Naissance: 13 mars 1937 (83 ans) Naples Italie: Nationalité : Italienne: Profession: Actrice: Films notables: Cinema Paradiso (1989) Isa Danieli, née le 13 mars 1937 à Naples, est une actrice italienne. ایزا دنیلی (ایتالیایی: Isa Danieli‎؛ زادهٔ ۱۳ مارس ۱۹۳۷) یک هنرپیشه اهل ایتالیا است. Luisa Amatucci Sr is an Italian actor. Părinții ei au fost Rosa Moretti, Renato di Napoli. Isa Danieli (March 13, 1937 Naples-) a.k.a. As a child she was forced to live in a boarding school during the war, where the worst memory concerned the well-known American peas powder. Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète. Wikipedia: Name in native language: Isa Danieli: Date of birth: 13 March 1937 Naples: Country of citizenship: Italy; Occupation: actor; stage actor; Authority control Q2816288 IMDb ID: nm0199774 SBN author ID: IT\ICCU\RAVV\308244. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 1 décembre 2020 à 10:04. Referensi. Isa Danieli. Add to history. ISD highres ISS002 ISS002-749-82 3.JPG 4,038 × 4,000; 1.9 MB. Isa Danieli sebagai Anna; Pupella Maggio sebagai Maria (tua) Agnese Nano sebagai Elena Mendola (remaja) Leopoldo Trieste sebagai Romo Adelfio; Nino Terzo sebagai Ayah Peppino; Giovanni Giancono sebagai Wali kota; Brigitte Fossey (Pada adegan yang dipotong) sebagai Elena Mendola (adult) Catatan. A apărut în 32 de filme începând cu 1962. imported from Wikimedia project. country of citizenship. Work. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Isa Danieli Tano Cimarosa Nicola Di Pinto Roberta Lena Nino Terzo Mimmo Mignemi: מוזיקה : אניו מוריקונה: צילום: Blasco Giurato: מדינה: צרפת, איטליה: חברת הפקה: Ariane Films: חברה מפיצה: מירמקס: הקרנת בכורה: 29 בספטמבר 1988: משך הקרנה: 155 דק' שפת הסרט: איטלקית: סוגה: סרט התבגרות, Ciruzziello. A devenit datorită talentului și prestațiilor remarcabile pe scenă "regina teatrului napolitan". This page was last edited on 14 June 2020, at 01:50. Add to collection. دنیلی برنده جایزه انجمن ملی فیلم ایتالیا بهترین بازیگر نقش مکمل زن در سال ۱۹۸۶ شده است. Timeline. VIP. Nominations. Ciruzziello. Italy. Overview. Timeline. Popularity: Emma Danieli Emma Danieli was an actress. Isa was born on March 13th, 1937 in Naples. جایزه انجمن ملی فیلم ایتالیا بهترین بازیگر نقش مکمل زن,ایزا_دنیلی&oldid=30649036, رده انبار با عنوان صفحه متفاوت از ویکی‌داده, مجوز Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike, ۱۹۹۸: میما ده روزالیا / ماریا آلیوتا / آناماریا کونفالونه / آدل لیوتا / فرانچسکا دی چزاره / الئونورا تریاکا / کانستا آلفانو / آنتونیو اوتزو. Macaroni on IMDb Compare. Isa Danieli - foto di Augusto De Luca.jpg 581 × 591; 159 KB. Movie Cast . 1 reference. Search popularity. Lunetta Savino (born November 2, 1957 in Bari, Italy) is an Italian theater and movie actress, particularly famous for starring in popular TV series. instance of. Hide ads with . Recommend this. Compare Isa Danieli movies, TV shows & more to other celebs like Marco Leonardi and Antonella Attili. Isa Danieli. Film d'amore e d'anarchia - Ovvero "Stamattina alle 10 in via dei Fiori nella nota casa di tolleranza..." (sh. Add comment. 1986 – Isa Danieli – Camorra (A Story of Streets, Women and Crime) 1987 – Ottavia Piccolo – The Family; 1988 – Elena Sofia Ricci – Me and My Sister; 1989 – Stefania Sandrelli – Mignon Has Come to Stay; 1990s. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. female. : Nuovo Cinema Paradiso) — італьянска-французскі мастацкі фільм рэжысёра Джузэпэ Тарнаторэ, які выйшаў на экраны ў 1988 годзе.Галоўныя ролі выканалі Філіп Нуарэ і Жак Перэн. In 2010, she starred in Ferzan Özpetek's movie Loose Cannons, which received international acclaim. sex or gender. Emma was born on October 14th, 1936 in Curtatone. از فیلم‌ها یا برنامه‌های تلویزیونی که وی در آن نقش داشته است، می‌توان به سینما پارادیزو، ماکارونی و فردیناند و کارولینا اشاره کرد. Timeline. 1 reference. She is best known in her home country for playing Cettina, one of the leading characters on Rai Uno's primetime TV series Un medico in famiglia. Personal. Capri Capri 2. imported from Wikimedia project . Released 1974-12-03; Runtime 90 mins. Isa Danieli was born in Naples on the 13th of March ,1937. Danieli Piuma, a family of Italian high-wing, strut-braced, pusher configuration single-seat motor gliders; Hotel Danieli, formerly Palazzo Dandolo, is a five-star palatial hotel in Venice, Italy; See also. Jeanne Carola Francesconi - foto di Augusto De Luca.jpg 992 × 992; 392 KB. Add links. English Wikipedia. Kore inv 6399 – Museo Archeologico Nazionale Napoli.jpg 1,024 × 1,024; 340 KB. Nominations. 1 reference. English Wikipedia. Love and Anarchy (1973) Swept Away (1974) Blood Feud (1978) Macaroni (1985) Cinema Paradiso (1988) Journey of Hope (1990) External links. She has appeared in 32 films since 1962. "The Hunchback" that he already played for Lenzi in Rome Armed to the Teeth, and his twin brother Sergio Marazzi a.k.a. Isa Danieli Isa Danieli is an actress. Isa Danieli, pe numele adevărat Luisa Amatucci, este actriță, asistentă de regie, care s-a născut la data de 13.03.1937, în Naples / Napoli, Campania, Italia. Statements. Movie ∙ Jun 1, 2019. Hide ads with . Italian actress. Personal. Actors. She left this life on June 21st, 1998. VIP. She has had major accomplishments since 1962. Search the latest about Isa Danieli on Bing. Bondanella, Peter E. (2001). Brothers Till We Die (Italian: La banda del gobbo) is a 1977 Italian poliziottesco-action film by Umberto Lenzi.This film is the last collaboration among Lenzi and Tomas Milian.In this movie Milian plays two characters, Vincenzo Marazzi a.k.a. human. Italian cinema: from neorealism to the present. Isa Danieli; Mico Cundari; Tuccio Musumeci; Stefano Amato; Aldo Valletti; Aldo Rendine; Lorenzo Piani; Daniele Dublino; Sandro Dori; Publication date: 1974; Duration: 94 min; Authority control Q3794482 IMDb ID: tt0183440. Filmographie. Gabriella Pession kao Vitoria Mari; Kaspar Capparoni kao Massimo Galiano; Sergio Assisi kao Umberto Galiano; Isa Danieli kao Reginella Amato; Bianca Guccero kao Carolina Scapece; Lucio Caizzi kao Genarino Spagnulo; Gianluca Salvo kao Alan Spagnulo; Chiara Gensini kao Daiana Spagnulo; Rosana Banfi kao Amalia Spagnulo; Capri 3. Isa Danieli (born 1937), Italian film actress; Nicola Danieli (born 1998), Italian football player; Otto Danieli, Swiss curler and 1975 World Champion; Other uses. Timeline. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) image. selon les conventions filmographiques. Film o ljubavi i anarhiji - ili "Jutros u 10 u ulici Via dei Fori kraj poznate javne kuće..."[lower-alpha 1]), poznat i po skraćenim naslovom Ljubav i anarhija, je italijansko-francuski igrani film snimljen u režiji Line Wertmüller i premijerno prikazan početkom 1973. godine. – Isa Danieli: Canzone Appassionata: Other Versions (4 of 4) View All. این صفحه آخرین‌بار در ‏۲۰ دسامبر ۲۰۲۰ ساعت ‏۰۰:۰۰ ویرایش شده‌است. Japan05 7.jpg 800 × 486; 60 KB. «Новы кінатэатр „Парадыза“» (італ. Selected filmography. 2019. She followed in their parents’ footsteps (her mother Rosa Moretti, was a singer, and his father, Renato Di Napoli, was an actor); she calls herself the daughter of love. Isa Danieli as Anna; Leopoldo Trieste as Father Adelfio; Nino Terzo as Peppino's father; Giovanni Giancono as the Mayor; Production [edit | edit source] Cinema Paradiso was shot in director Tornatore's hometown Bagheria, Sicily, as well as Cefalù on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Macaroni is a 1985 Italian comedy-drama movie directed by Ettore Scola and starring Jack Lemmon, Marcello Mastroianni, Daria Nicolodi, Isa Danieli, Marc Berman, Patrizia Sacchi, Bruno Esposito.. Other websites. She has appeared in 32 films since 1962. Isa Danieli (born 13 March 1937) is an Italian film actress. Add to list.