Father side is more classic tied to Trentino countryside, farmers and woodcutters. 1958: Alfredo Di Stéfano | I’ve mentioned soprannomi within the context of other articles on this website but have never spoken about them in detail. That is definitely NOT fun. But I’m going to start adding the dates now. 1977: Graziani | But now have a look at this baptismal record from 1588, written by a different priest (Nicolo’ Arnoldo) of the same parish: The child’s first name is Antonio, and his surname (or so we assume) is underlined in the first sentence. After analysing hundreds of thousands of Italian parish records from at least five different provinces, I can conclude: There is NO consistently used system for recording soprannomi. Dans le langage contemporain les symboles modernes furent Del piero et Jérôme Lecomte (fr) Als zur Saison 1995/96 die feste Nummerierung der Spieler eingeführt wurde, erhielt Del Piero die Rückennummer 10, die vor ihm Omar Sívori oder Michel Platini getragen hatten, zugesprochen. 1960: Sívori | So you can see the majestic and breathtaking setting of incredible place, I've made this compilation of short video clips I took driving up from Riva on Lake Garda to Bono in Bleggio Superiore, and my meeting with my 2nd cousin Betty for the first time. I have frequently seen the word soprannome translated into English as ‘nickname’. While I made this video for my grandsons, I welcome other family members, friends and descendants of Trentino families to view it as well. designare, dire, chiamare, denominare. Required fields are marked *. 1954: Nordahl | Here’s one example from a 1768 marriage record from Tione di Trento: Here, we see the groom is referred to as ‘Antonio son of the late Francesco Salvaterra called Borella’ (i.e. You might not even have given it a title, just calling it something like ‘Document 1.’. It’s an article I’ve been wanting to write for some time now. Similarly, my own Serafini branch has the soprannome ‘Cenighi’ because my 4X great-grandmother, Margherita Giuliani (married to a Serafini in Santa Croce parish), came from the frazione of Ceniga in the parish of Drò (near Arco). 1986: Pruzzo | Frazioni, Occupations, Surnames, Trento – The City and Surnames Before the Year 1600. Sinonimi e Contrari. As I mentioned in the article, I’ve NEVER seen my family’s soprannome in any document, ever. But what's the story of the plague that hit Trentino in 1630? Without this ‘road map’ I could easily get lost. 1994: Signori | Hi Lynn, I might be wrong about that, however, as Belluno is not my area of specialism. 2004: Schewtschenko | Hi Victor, In fact, I have NEVER seen the soprannome for the branch of our Serafini family in any record, despite the fact it has most likely been around since the beginning of the 19th century. From genealogist Lynn Serafinn, https://trentinogenealogy.com It really helps everyone see just what a quagmire soprannomi can be! 1991: Peter Pacult / Jean-Pierre Papin | Salvador -> Coglia This NEW search engine is MUCH more powerful, and useful to genealogists. Fogolin -> Modest 2020: Robert Lewandowski, Torschützenkönig der Coppa Italia mit 5 Toren, Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, Ufficiale Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, Offizielle Website von Alessandro Del Piero, Del Piero verlängert Vertrag bei Juventus, Sydney FC signs Italian legend Alessandro Del Piero, Del Piero reveals ownership in small Los Angeles soccer club, Alessandro Del Piero purchases American side LA 10 FC - Ronaldo.com, Del Piero erzielt 300. Much of that info is on this site, but if you can ask a more specific question, I might be able to help. Mister No è il soprannome del pilota statunitense Jerome (Jerry) Drake. Eine Woche später schoss er beim 4:0 gegen den AC Reggiana sein erstes Tor. Now consider this record of a double marriage in 1583, in which two siblings married two other siblings: Now, I know many of you will find this challenging to read, so let me just identify the key people: In this record, the priest (don Alberto Farina) has apparently recorded the surnames for the couples, without and mention of soprannome. P.P.S. What kind of genes breakdown I can expect? Genealogist Lynn Serafinn explains the role of the soprannome in Trentino and other parts of Italy and shows how to recognise them in genealogical records. The ‘Black Death’ (1346-53) dealt a severe blow to the European population, wiping out an estimated 50% of the population. 5 - Mario Filippeschi 5 - Johan Botha. Sein Vater Gino war beim staatlichen Stromversorger Enel als Elektroinstallateur beschäftigt. Anonymous. Er erzielte in 32 Ligaspielen 21 Tore und zudem 10 Tore in 10 Partien der Champions League, in der man erst im Finale Real Madrid unterlag. November 2008 verwandelte er im Ligaspiel gegen Reggina Calcio einen Elfmeter und erzielte damit sein 250. Great article Lynn. Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence, Italy. Pizza, Pasta, Salat und Tiramisu zum Verspeisen im Restaurant oder zum mit nach Hause nehmen!! Join our Trentino Genealogy Group on Facebook: http://facebook.com/groups/TrentinoGenealogy, Lynn on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LynnSerafinn, View my Santa Croce del Bleggio Family Tree on Ancestry: Hi Arlene, Del Piero war wieder Kapitän der Mannschaft und führte das Team zum Gewinn der Serie B und damit zum direkten Wiederaufstieg. Terza edizione. P.S. After a while, it became difficult to find the documents you had written in the past because they weren’t labelled clearly, and they were all in one big folder called ‘Documents’. Simone Perrotta | Tor für Juventus Turin. 1998: Bierhoff | Now I’m wondering if it was their soprannome. Captain Beefheart formo` la Magic Band nel 1964 a Lancaster. November 1998 erlitt er im Spiel gegen Udinese Calcio einen Kreuzbandriss am rechten Knie und fiel neun Monate aus. Nel giro di due anni il loro sound si evolse da un'imitazione dei Rolling Stones a un rhythm and blues senza capo ne' coda, il piu` scalcinato dell'epoca. Biasutti -> Moret Thanks for reading and for the great comment. Which families will I discuss? As my tree is pretty large, I ran a few filters in my Family Tree Maker programme to find a ‘Benedetto’ living in Cavaione in this era and found Benedetto Reversi and Lucia Ballina, whose marriage I had already entered into the tree. Unsere Öffnungszeiten Mittwoch - Sonntag ab 17:30 Uhr bis 22:00 Uhr Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag und Sonntag zusätzlich von 11:30 Uhr bis 14:00 Uhr. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012: Lionel Messi | 1970: Mick Jones / Ove Kindvall | Aah come gioca Del Piero. Thanks for this! What’s more, I knew that Benedetto’s father’s name was Antonio, and it was the usual practice back then to name the first son after the paternal grandfather. My father’s sister married a Graiff. Von den Juve-Anhängern wird er in Anlehnung an Ronaldo, der in Italien als Il Fenomeno (Das Phänomen) bezeichnet wurde, auch Fenomeno Vero (Das wahre Phänomen) genannt. Only a handful of extended families would have been living in each frazione. Der frühere Weltmeister Alessandro del Piero will seine Karriere auch nach seinem Abschied vom australischen Top-Club Sydney FC fortsetzen. In this podcast, we’ll explore the difference between 'IMPERIAL' and 'ECCLESIASTICAL' nobility, how we can tell if our ancestors were ennobled, how noble titles were passed down, how to find our ancestor's coat-of-arms, and much more. Marco Amelia | Tune in to hear some fascinating, symbolic, and mysterious legends about the ‘shepherd’s cross’ from the early 1600s, which came to be known as ‘Santa Croce del Bleggio’. Del Piero ist seit 2005 verheiratet und Vater von drei Kindern. A short trip on the "funivia" (cable car) in Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige Italy. The disadvantage is that, if you don’t know a person’s soprannome because it wasn’t recorded in the record, they might look like they are disconnected from their branch of the family. In der Spielzeit 1997/98 gewann er mit Juventus erneut den Scudetto und spielte die wahrscheinlich erfolgreichste Saison seiner Karriere. Son surnom (qu'il accepte en signant ainsi) vient de piccolo pintore soit « petit peintre ».De manière affective. 2020: Immobile, 1956: Miloš Milutinović | 1954 nahm sie an einem Sängerwettbewerb des Philadelphia Orchestra teil, den sie auch gewann. I think I can do it easily as I’ve the habit of naming the files/photos (baptism, marriage, etc) with both, so a quick search on the mac should do it. 2019: Quagliarella | I would guess it means Spirit, or even Spurt, however it could be something completely different. Be aware, however, that these words are FREQUENTLY abbreviated, e.g. Mit sechs Toren in elf Europapokalspielen trug er zum Sieg seiner Mannschaft in der Champions League in dieser Spielzeit bei. Also I have dna lonks to families from val di non and fonzaso, where can i get information on this. You'll learn a local legend about the plague of 1630, see breath-taking views of La Chiesa the San Faustino, Monte Irone and Monte San Martino, discover the 'sorgente' (or source) of the mountain spring that gives life to this ancient village, learn about the practice of 'filò' and visit fascinating mountain houses – with their tiny wooden doors and rounded stone archways – built in 1571. Del Piero erzielte als Einwechselspieler in den beiden Spielzeiten immerhin 14 bzw. Il volo è un gruppo musicale italiano costituito dai tre cantanti Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone e Ignazio Boschetto 2010.. soprannome; soprannominato Januar 2006 erzielte er im Spiel gegen den. Il Guarany wird als erste große brasilianische Oper angesehen und ist dem romantischen Genre des Indianismo zuzurechnen. Perhaps one of the most curious soprannomi I have ever encountered was when I was researching the Etro family of the Bassano del Grappa area of the province of Vicenza (Veneto), who migrated to the mountains of Madonna di Campiglio near Pinzolo in Trentino in the 1860s. I’ve done extensive research on my Segna line (as have others), and I had noticed that many records included “muratore”, bricklayer, after the surname, and I always assumed they were recording the father’s occupation. Il romario del salento MICCOLI. 1972: Boninsegna | Diese wurden allerdings nach dem Urteil um den italienischen Fußball-Skandal 2005/06 wieder aberkannt. Il trattore ZANETTI J. L'IMPERATORE(dei 2 mondi lo … Oktober 2010 erzielte er im Spiel gegen den. Fabio Cannavaro (C) | I’ve used a variety of methods in different trees,all with their own advantages/disadvantages. Am 14. For example, one of my clients’ trees had the soprannome ‘Massenza’ because that was the name of one of the matriarchs for that line back in the 1700s. [1] Für Sportsgeist und Fairness wurde er mehrmals ausgezeichnet, so etwa mit dem „Associazione Soomaaliya Special Award for Fairness“ und dem „Coppa d’Argento’ Premio Speciale Gentleman Award“. Terza edizione; Interpretations; Translations; Books; Sinonimi e Contrari. But the combination of Benedetto AND Lucia in Cavaione in the 1580s? CLOZ in Val di Non: History, Parish Records, Local Surnames, Decanato of Trento: Parishes, Curates and Parish Registers, Trento in the 1800s. This is quite different from what we associate with the term ‘nickname’, which is usually something intentionally given to someone to create a sense of intimacy and familiarity. For example, if a soprannome is in Giovanni’s baptismal record, put down ‘as per Giovanni’s baptismal record’ or something to that effect. Alessandro Del Piero | SIDE NOTE: Interestingly, Moorish themes and motifs were very popular in Trentino, and indeed throughout Italy between the 17th and 19th centuries. Hierbei traf er auf David Trezeguet, seinen langjährigen Mitspieler bei Juventus Turin. If you continue to use this site we will assume you are happy with it. On a list I recently received for Villa Banale in Val Giudicarie via Daniel Caliari at Giudicarie Storia, one of the soprannome for the surname Flaim was ‘Nonesi’, which means, ‘from Val di Non’. There are exceptions, of course. A Guide for Genealogists. Fino ad una decina di anni fa i calciatori si rintanavano nelle ville sulla collina torinese, lontane da tutto e immerse nel verde, come hanno fatto Del. You will often see them in documents with the meaning of ‘the aforesaid’, but in the context of surname/soprannome, they can loosely be translated as ‘called’ or ‘otherwise known as’. 1963: Manfredini / Nielsen | You’ll see the ride up and down Monte Bondone from inside the cable car, and a few scenes of the village of Sardagna at the top of the mountain. As you can see, origins and behaviour of soprannomi are highly varied, often unclear, and constantly changing. 1995: Batistuta | Mit seinen 21 Saisontoren verhalf er Juve zum dritten Platz der Serie A und sicherte sich den Titel des Torschützenkönigs vor seinem Sturmpartner Trezeguet. A genealogical tour of the parish of Revò in Val di Non in northern Trentino, and its ‘satellite’ parishes of Cagnò, Romallo, Tregiovo and Rumo. MAFEZZOLI MAFFEZZOLI Bei der WM 2002, der EM 2004 und der WM 2006 hatte er keinen Stammplatz und wurde häufig nur eingewechselt, was ihn nicht daran hinderte, als Einwechselspieler wichtige Tore zu schießen. You probably just saved it to the default ‘Documents’ folder without thinking about it. Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment. Speisekarte zum Mitnehmen . Guess I’ll have to wait until I can look at the original records again. Regarding Fonzaso, that is in the diocese of Belluno. 2000: Schewtschenko | What was the role of the midwife, and how were midwives trained in Trentino? haha. If you are descended from people of this region, I guarantee they would have been here! You have done amazing work explaining and sorting out these names in the records. 1924: Schönfeld | There is no way to keep everything straight without continual, dynamic change to adapt to new situations and needs. Fabio Grosso | März 1995, beim 4:1 gegen Estland seinen Einstand. This is because women tended to move to the village/parish of their husbands (unless the woman was wealthy or had inherited property from her father). Massimo Oddo | 1990: Jean-Pierre Papin / Romário | Oktober 2007 verlängerte Del Piero nach langwierigen Verhandlungen seinen 2008 auslaufenden Vertrag bis 30. Am 20. Two things you should NEVER (ever!) surname Salvaterra, soprannome Borella), and the bride is ‘Cattarina, daughter of Giuseppe Salvaterra called Serafin’ (i.e. Wait until I get around to writing your research summary. Il Guarany ist eine Oper („opera-ballo“) in vier Akten von Antônio Carlos Gomes.Die literarische Vorlage bildete der Roman O Guarani des Schriftstellers José de Alencar.Das Libretto wurde von Antonio Scalvini und Carlo D’Ormeville in italienischer Sprache verfasst. Some priests don’t bother to use an indicator such as detto, etc. For some reason, no one on either side of my father's family told our generation very much about our ancestral homeland, in spite of the fact that their families had lived in the same villages for many centuries. Some examples I’ve personally encountered include: Now, while I cannot say categorically this is true across the board, my ‘educated guess’ is that most of these surname-derived soprannomi are the surnames of a matriarch in the ancestral line. Il gruppo esordi` dal vivo alla Hollywood Teenage Fair del 1965. 2019 gab Del Piero bekannt, dass er Besitzer des im September 2018 gegründeten United-Premier-Soccer-League-Vereines LA 10 FC aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien ist, welcher den Stadtnamen für Los Angeles und seine Trikotnummer enthält. Perhaps others were letters to the family, stories you wrote or genealogy research notes. 2001: Raúl | 2014: Immobile | 1925: Magnozzi | 1953: Nordahl | Spiel im Dress von Juventus und erzielte dabei seinen 204. Später schoss er sein Team mit seinem Tor im Finale gegen CA River Plate auch zum Weltpokalsieg. È morta a 103 anni la capostipite della famiglia Recchi, gran signora della borghesia torinese, filantropa e imprenditrice. How Much Do You REALLY Know About Your Ancestors’ Names? Fresco. Thus, together, the term means ‘on top of the name’. Zudem standen mit Luca Toni (31 Tore in der Saison 2005/06) und Alberto Gilardino zwei weitere Topstürmer in den Reihen der Azzurri, an denen nur schwer vorbeizukommen war. 1949: Nyers | If you haven’t read it already, I suggest you have a look at an article I wrote about ethnicity reports at https://trentinogenealogy.com/2019/05/dna-ethnicity-report-estimate/. I am not sure about Sicily. Thank you! Isn’t it interesting how soprannomi are sometimes in records, and sometimes only transmitted via oral family history? As I mentioned in an earlier article (see link below), marriages between 3rd cousins or closer were only permitted via a special church dispensation. While most of these are also surnames in their own right, you will also see them crop up as soprannomi, telling you that, at least at some point in your family’s history, the blacksmithing was the family occupation. Während dieser Zeit gehörte sie der italienischen Damen-Hockey-Nationalmannschaft an. Also Robazza was a surname of a 13th century venetian merchant family, while Momi is not a surname. 1989: Serena | Thus, the surname is Grandi, and the soprannome is ‘Ecclesia’. 1. Elimina filtro. Stay on top of our latest genealogy news and tips. 1927: Powolny | Zusätzliche Infos finden sie bei den Links zu homepages oder Blogs und zu wikipedia. Yeah, the ‘official’ thing is kind of hard to say. My friend and client Gene Pancheri, author of Pancheri: Our Story, told me that one of the Pancheri soprannomi is ‘Rumeri’, which means ‘a person from the village of Rumo’. 1932: Petrone / Schiavio | Andrea Pirlo | Thus, here is how my aunt SHOULD be entered into the tree: If you really wanted, you could put additional ‘also known as’ to put her nicknames ‘Gina’ and ‘Jeannie’, but I think those are unnecessary, as we already know she was known as ‘Jean’. 1996: Protti / Signori | [9] Daneben besitzt er das italienische Restaurant N10 Restaurant in downtown Beverly Hills. Just like your research documents, things started to get confusing. Regarding the DNA links to Val di Non, I am not sure what information you are looking for. 1963: José Altafini | Seit dieser schweren Verletzung wurde Del Piero oft vorgehalten, an Stärke eingebüßt zu haben. As such, tracing the origin and meaning of a soprannome can range from really obvious to doggedly elusive. Thank you for your in depth article. Will have to work on finding Endrizzi/Facini sopranomi! Thanks so much for the input, Joe! But then, you might also have started creating folders inside the main ‘Documents’ folder. Perhaps not as funny as the 'Marmot Scream' video, but I still think it's pretty funny. Dort trainierte er mit dem Profiteam und wurde von Trainer Giovanni Trapattoni häufig eingesetzt. I think the only way to get to the bottom of our soprannomi is to trace them back until we see something, anything, that seems to indicate a logical origin. This was the first time my mother had been to Italy and to see the place her parents lived was absolutely fantastic. A walk through the historical 'monumental' cemetery of the city of Trento, in Trentino-Alto Adige in northern Italy. The word ‘papi’ is the plural of the word for ‘pope’ (papa), not to be confused with the word papà, which means ‘father’. Seine erste Partie der Indian Super League 2014 absolvierte er am 14. I would mean so much to me (and you would really help me know if these articles are explaining things clearly enough), if you could take a moment to leave a few comments below, sharing what you found most helpful or interesting about the article, or asking whatever questions I may not have answered. Consider this baptismal record from 1760, again from the parish of Tione di Trento: Here the priest refers to the father of the child as ‘Felice, son of Francesco Failoni Battaia’. Am 29. We were guilty of calling it a nickname too but will not do that again. I was surprised by the second name that appeared, MANCUSO TRADENTA. 2001: Crespo | 2000: Mário Jardel / Raúl / Rivaldo | How are illegitimate births recorded in parish records? Receive Trentino Genealogy's Articles via Email. 1964: Nielsen | 1987: Borislav Cvetković | On that note, consider this 1708 marriage record, where the groom is clearly identified as Giovanni Battista, son of the late Vigilio Bondi: As Giovanni Battista is also called Bondi in his 1690 baptismal record, I originally took this at face value, and assumed ‘Bondi’ was the family surname. 1942: Boffi | 2003 erreichte die Mannschaft wieder das Champions-League-Finale, das sie im Elfmeterschießen gegen den AC Mailand verlor. Speisekarte. Aldo Serena (Italian pronunciation: [ˈaldo seˈreːna]; born 25 June 1960) is an Italian former professional footballer, who was usually deployed as a forward.He played for several Italian clubs throughout his career, winning four Serie A titles, among other trophies; he is mainly remembered for his time with Inter, where he won several trophies, including a league title and the UEFA Cup. 1984: Platini | It is understood from this context that the surname is Failoni, and the soprannome is Battaia – at least we HOPE that is what he means. Without going into the grammar too much, these words are derived from the verb ‘to say’. 1978: Rossi | Hi Marion! Sinonimi e Contrari. Thanks! It’s essential to know WHEN they are talking about. ‘dto’ for detto, or ‘dti’ for dicti. It will pinpoint my genes to some known DNA clusters? When using Family Tree Maker, it gives you the additional advantage of being able to create filtered lists or custom reports for specific soprannomi (which can be really informative). Im Viertelfinale gegen die Auswahl der Ukraine kam er nicht zum Einsatz, im Halbfinale gegen Deutschland wurde er in der 104. 2. What’s interesting, however, is that on 23AndME (I have my ‘genes’ on 4 testing sites), it actually shows Verona as one of my likely ancestral areas. Im Jahr 1990 wechselte er zu Calcio Padova, bei dem man anfangs nicht von ihm überzeugt war. My dad’s sister was born Pierina Luigina Serafini. You will also see the 1,000 year old square baptismal font in which all the babies of the parish were baptised for hundreds of years, and remnants of the even more ancient Longobard church dating from around 700 A.D. 1943: Piola | 2002: Hübner / Trezeguet | 1950: Nordahl | As I mentioned in the article, soprannomi can change within a single generation, which is how siblings can sometimes have different soprannomi. P.S. But if we are to have even the slightest chance of understanding them, and to using them as genealogical tools, we must make it a practice to keep a record our family soprannomi whenever we encounter them. Slambrot!! [6] Jede Mannschaft der Indian Super League muss einen solchen Spieler im Kader vorweisen können. Oh, your lines are FULL of soprannomi. For me, those years are the most crucial to record, because (as already illustrated) there are so many instances of the priests using soprannomi instead of surnames. This word loosely means ‘commonly’, but in this context can be translated as ‘commonly known as’. As you can see in Antonio’s baptismal record, his parents’ names are ‘Benedetto’ and Lucia’, and they lived in Cavaione. He traced the origins of that soprannome to one of the female ancestors (who married a Pancheri of Romallo) who had come from Rumo. Redigonda -> Casonut Marco Materazzi | Oh, and just for the heck of it, let’s go ahead and throw in our family, SOPRANNOME: Cenighi (not in records, but via verbal info from Serafini cousins). Il 9-11-1974 Alessandro Del Piero (soprannome: Golden Boy) è nato a Conegliano, Italy. Filippo Inzaghi | RIDDLE 1: You may have heard about the Black Death in the 1300s. And of those who DO know something about them, they often misunderstand the meaning and ‘behaviour’ of their family’s soprannome over time. Also, if you wanted (and if you knew enough information), you could write some notes about the historical origins of the soprannome in the notes for that fact in Family Tree Marker…. 1968: Prati | I thought that was pretty impressive, considering AncestryDNA is still calling me (and most Trentini I know) ‘French’ (!!). In this era, the term ‘Moor’ referred to dark-skinned people from the Iberian Peninsula who were of north African descent, and usually Muslim. Pollaiolo: translation. Please trust me on this point. Possibile contenuto inappropriato. Using Clues in the Records You DO Have A brief view of the panorama around the farm B&B Maso Pra Cavai in Bleggio, Trentino. Assistant: Gianfranco Rebulla. Andrea Barzagli | Im EM-Qualifikationsspiel in Georgien wurde er jedoch vom neuen Trainer Roberto Donadoni auf die Tribüne verbannt, offiziell aus "taktischen Gründen". 1961: José Águas | I’m not sure ‘Tradenta’ would derive from trident (tridentum), as the ‘tra’ and ‘tri’ make them completely different words. RISTORANTE DA PIERO, FAULENSEESTRAßE 40 (Höllmühle), 87669 RIEDEN. 1930: Meazza | And, in the case of Trentino and other Italian ancestry. Even worse is when a priest suddenly decides to use the soprannome INSTEAD of the surname, leaving the surname out altogether. My spranome is…detto Robazza, while my 5th cousin is detto Momi ….we are related from about 1800, same father……why, two different sopranomi ? Cloz is a small parish in the northern edge of Val di Non of Trentino. I am going to implement your suggestions, previously I had been entering the soprannomi in the AKA field, and I also kept a document with a list for those found in my town, like so: Del Piero spielte ab der EM 1996 bei diversen Welt- und Europameisterschaften. Diese Zone erhielt von den Medien die Bezeichnung „Zona del Piero“. soprannome di Benci, Antonio. RIDDLE: What centuries-old mystical legends are still told about the discovery of a 'miraculous cross' on top of a mountain? Qual è il soprannome calcistico che vi piace di più? 1967: Riva | [2] In der Saison 2011/12 bestritt er noch 23 Spiele, davon 19 als Einwechselspieler, und wurde mit seinem Verein erneut italienischer Meister. 1977: Franco Cucinotta / Gerd Müller | Bleggio lies in the Giudicarie Valley (specifically in 'Giudicarie Esteriore') in the Santa Croce del Bleggio parish. My observation is that these names arise only when they are needed (e.g. Il "pazzo" GIAMPAOLO PAZZINI! Hier finden Sie die Sänger beginnend mit N alphabetisch aufgelistet. What was the ‘Istituto delle Laste' in Trento, and how can we find out about our ancestors who were born there? Kissing Cousins: Marital Dispensations, Consanguinity, Affinity, P.S. PART 1: What kind of medicine did people take to combat the plague in the 1500s? Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment. ….and so on. In your case, I cannot comment on the origins of these soprannomi, as I would have to see the tree in context. Ancient Nobles of the Roman Empire? 9 years ago. Pintor italiano. Perhaps ‘Rollo dei Mori’ was an affectionate or teasing term given to (or adopted by) the family because they were charcoal makers. Cultural Identity. In der A-Nationalmannschaft gab er zwei Jahre später, am 25. The best policy is to record the person’s name AT BIRTH in the name field, and then put alternative names in the ‘also known as’ field. I’ve seen many such artefacts in many places in the province. Despite the fact that EVERY family of Italian origin has a soprannome, many people researching their Trentino (or other Italian) ancestry either don’t know anything about them or fail to recognise them when they see them. Tune in to find out the answers to these questions and how these issues affected our ancestors’ lives. 1967: Jürgen Piepenburg / Paul Van Himst | Altstar Alessandro del Piero hat dem italienischen Rekordmeister Juventus Turin mit einem Rekordtor einen prestigeträchtigen Erfolg beim AC Mailand beschert. The function of a soprannome is also quite different from a nickname, as its purpose is to identify a specific lineage of people within a larger group, rather than one particular person.