Servizi educativi 2021-2022, due centri per l'infanzia dal pubblico al privato convenzionato. On the opposite side was built a church dedicated to Saint Francis where on 19 March 1606 Ferdinando I de' Medici elevated Livorno to the status of city. In 1905 the factory changed name in Torpedo Fabrik Whitehead & Co. Gesellschaft and before his death, Whitehead sold his shares package to Vickers Armstrong Whitworth. Distanza Livorno Brescia Inserire la località di partenza e la località di arrivo, per calcolare la distanza tra le due città (es. Livorno-Brescia, diretta streaming gratis e tv: dove vederla La partita, così come tutto il campionato di Serie B, sarà visibile in diretta streaming sulla piattaforma DAZN. Whitehead Torpedo established in Livorno the Società Moto Fides that initially produced motorcycles but changed the production in that of torpedoes. After the port of Pisa had silted up in the 13th century, its distance from the sea increased and it lost its dominance in trade, so Livorno took over as the main port in Tuscany. The plant was rebuilt thanks to an agreement between the ANIC and the Standard Oil forming the STANIC. La distanza é stata calcolata tramite mappa. The local governing authorities recognized the contributions of distinguished members of the Greek community (e.g. Many European foreigners moved to Livorno. Livorno's citizens in recent decades have become well known for their left-wing politics. [67] The solution adopted in 1844 was that of Luigi Bettarini which considered the coverage of the Fosso Reale with an imposing vault, 240 meters long and 90 meters wide,[27] creating an elliptical paving. It was evident that it was inadequate to the task and the Council deliberated, on 27 January 1720, the construction of the new town hall on project by Giovanni del Fantasia . Every year some of his operas are traditionally played during the lyric music season, which is organized by the Goldoni Theatre. Provincia di Livorno, Piazza del Municipio 4, 57100 Livorno | Tel: (0586) 257111 Per info su uffici e servizi: URP sede centrale | Tel: (0586) 257386-388 Fax: (0586) 839670 Orario al pubblico: dal It was a language based on Italian, developed with words coming from Tuscan, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Yiddish; the presence of Portuguese and Spanish words is due to the origin of the first Jews who came to Livorno, having been expelled from the Iberian peninsula in the late 15th century. [12] The construction of the Via Aurelia coincided with the occupation of the region by the Romans, who left traces of their presence in the toponyms and ruins of towers. By 1551, the population had grown to 1562 residents.[9]. The British and their Protestant allies were important to its trade. "Greek Communities Abroad: Organization and Integration. [70], In these two floors are shown works by Enrico Pollastrini, Guglielmo Micheli, Ulvi Liegi, Oscar Ghiglia, Giovanni Bartolena, Leonetto Campiello and Mario Puccini. The construction was suspended since the popular revolt forced the Medici in exile and was resumed in 1530 on their return. The first Greeks who settled in Livorno early in the 16th century were former mercenaries in the fleet of Cosimo de' Medici and their descendants. var weatherLayerEnabled = false; At the ground floor the exhibition include: Diacinto Cestoni Room which consists of 12 exhibition tanks, Mediterranean Area, Indus-Pacific tank, Caribbean Sea, Ligurian coast, Tropical waters, Greek-Roman archaeological coastal area. The Greeks concentrated on the grain market, banking and ship-brokering. According to the tradition, the origin of the villa date back to the Medicean period when an edifice was built as a suburban residence for Ferdinando II de' Medici. Livorno became a town, encircled by the navigable Fosso Reale (Royal canal), with numerous palaces, warehouse, garrisons and custom-houses. Prenota una stanza a Livorno o nelle vicinanze! The portion of canal covered by the new structure continued to be navigable. Il ritrovo è per le 14 al Bar Leonessa; partenza alle 14.30. Dario Matteoni, Le città nella storia d’Italia Livorno, p.64, Edizioni Laterza e Belforte Editore Livorno, Dario Matteoni, Le città nella storia d’Italia Livorno, p.70, Edizioni Laterza e Belforte Editore Livorno, Dario Matteoni, Le città nella storia d’Italia Livorno, p.19, Edizioni Laterza e Belforte Editore Livorno, Dario Matteoni, Le città nella storia d’Italia Livorno, p.20-21, Edizioni Laterza e Belforte Editore Livorno, Vlami, D. 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Livorno (Italian: ()) is a port city on the Ligurian Sea on the western coast of Tuscany, Italy. The precious wooden Iconostasis in Byzantine style date back to 1641 and has three doors painted by Agostino Wanonbrachen in 1751; on the central door is represented the Most Holy Annunciation and Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nazianzus, John Chrysostom and Athanasius of Alexandria; in the right door is painted the Nativity of Jesus and the four Apostles, in the left door is represented the Adoration of the Shepherds. San Ferdinando is a Baroque style, Roman Catholic church located in Venezia Nuova district next to the Piazza del Luogo Pio. The Republic of Pisa owned Livorna from 1103 and built a quadrangular fort called Quadratura dei Pisani ("Quarter of the Pisans") to defend the port. The first Preside elected was Luigi De Steffani who remained in charge from 1862 to 1867. Il Vernacoliere is a satirical monthly magazine printed in Livorno founded in 1982 and distributed in central Italy. Cicero mentioned Liburna in a letter to his brother and called it Labrone. [68], Dedicated to painter Giovanni Fattori, the museum was inaugurated in 1994 and is placed inside Villa Mimbelli, an 18th-century construction surrounded by a vast park. The Industrial Technical Institute named to Galileo Galilei was founded in 1825 as a School of Arts and Crafts in order to prepare the young to a profession in the sector of the mechanic industry as in the decorative arts. The Porto Mediceo was overlooked and defended by towers and fortresses leading to the town centre. Livorno (a 1 km da Porto di Livorno) Situato a Livorno, a 2,7 km da Palalivorno e a 5 km dallo Stadio Armando Picchi, il dueemme Lodge, a pochi passi … Tobias Smollett and Francis Horner were buried here, but also some of the friends of Byron and Shelley and the husband of Saint Elizabeth Seton. Restored in 1745 by Bernardino Ciurini and Antonio Fabbri a double white marble stairway and a small bell tower on the top of the façade were added. Per andare da Brescia a Livorno in macchina si impiegano 2 ore 41 minuti. Percorso da Brescia a Livorno via auto.Distanza del percorso scelto: 292 km.Tempo stimato di percorrenza del percorso scelto: 3 ore 0 min. There was the need to build a mercantile district, close to Porto Mediceo, provided with houses and depots to store the merchandise and a system of canals to facilitate their transport. A.S. Livorno Calcio football team currently plays in Serie B. Destroyed during World War II, it was partly restored in 2008 but is not open to worship. Ovunque tu vada, possiamo aiutarti a trovare una sistemazione di tuo gradimento! The city and its port have continued as an important destination for travelers and tourists attracted to its historic buildings and setting. Il Vernacoliere, a satirical comic-style magazine printed chiefly in the Livornese dialect, was founded in 1982 and is now nationally distributed.[65]. La partita è in programma il 10 maggio 2013 alle 20:45. [15] The cathedral was completely destroyed in 1943 from the Allied bombardment during World War II; it was then rebuilt respecting the original structure except for the two marble porches added to the transepts and was consecrated on 21 December 1952 by Bishop Giovanni Piccioni.[37]. [39] Damaged by the bombing during World War II it was rebuilt and renovated under the direction of Primavera and was inaugurated in 1949 by the mayor Furio Diaz. La distanza chilometrica tra Brescia e Livorno in linea d' aria è di 221.15 km e di 287 km km in automobile. [41] Outside the body of the building, separated by a railing, is a Chapel dedicate to the Madonna di Montenero built in 1631. [14] In 1399, Pisa sold Livorna to the Visconti of Milan; in 1405 it was sold to the Republic of Genoa; and on 28 August 1421 it was bought by the Republic of Florence. [33], Livorno was elevated to the status of city on 19 March 1606 by Ferdinando I de' Medici, the first Gonfaloniere Bernardetto Borromei and the Community representatives held their meetings in the Church of Saint Mary and Saint Julia. In 1077, a tower was built by Matilda of Tuscany. Nike, Adidas, Puma e le migliori marche sportive a prezzi imbattibili. [61] Most of the new Greek immigrants came from western Greece, Chios, Epirus and Cappadocian Greek. La Gran Conserva, or Il Cisternone, situated on what were the outskirts of 19th-century Livorno, is the largest and best known of the city's covered cisterns. Tuaca liqueur was produced in Livorno until 2010; the famous distillery was closed and operations were brought to the United States by the new owners. The tall brick church façade is located scenically at the end of Via Magenta, and has a park surrounding it. At the beginning of the 19th century arose the need to connect the Medicean road system of the Pentagono del Buontalenti to the new eastern districts of the town, on the other side of the Fosso Reale, and the requirement to dismantle the city gate Porta a Pisa. Arrival of the latter begun in the late sixteenth century with the Alhambra Decree, which resulted in the expulsion of Jews from Spain and Portugal - while Livorno extended to them rights and privileges; they contributed to the mercantile wealth and scholarship in the city. Ci sono normalmente 30 treni al giorno e il treno più veloce da Brescia a Livorno Centrale impiega 4h 38min. Serie B – Segui LIVE su Eurosport l'incontro di Calcio tra Livorno e Brescia. The Italian Communist Party was founded in Livorno in 1921. centinaia di siti web esclusivamente dedicati ai viaggi,due milioni di possibili offerte di pernottamento,per 220 diverse nazioni,in 39 lingue diversecalcolo delle offerte in 29 diverse valute tutto questo in Mappe percorsi! while the Pescheria Nuova (New fish-market) was built in 1705 close to the Scali del Pesce where the fish was unloaded. Canali altre squadre Akragas Alessandria Ascoli Avellino Bari Brescia Casertana Catania Cesena Frosinone Latina Lecce Livorno Monza Nocerina … Sistemazioni economiche a Livorno! The road axis from north to south (cardo) underline the direction that united the centre of the town with a significant place as the Sanctuary of Montenero; the axis from west to east (decumanus) linked the Baluardo Santa Giulia to Baluardo Sant’Andrea. Questo è il migliore percorso stradale tra. This community grew and became significant in the 18th and 19th centuries, when Livorno became one of the principal hubs of the Mediterranean trade. Giovanni Fattori was the main representative artist of the macchiaioli, some of his paintings exhibited are: Carica di Cavalleria a Montebello (1862), La Signora Martelli a Castiglioncello (1867), Assalto alla Madonna della Scoperta (1868), Giornata grigia (1893), Mandrie maremmane (1893), Lungomare ad Antignano (1894), Ritratto della terza moglie (1905). Villa Fabbricotti received the name from its last owner Bernardo Fabbricotti from Carrara, who acquired it from the English merchant Thomas Lloyd in 1881. By the beginning of the 17th century, Armenians operated 120 shops in town. [35], The cathedral of the town, commonly called Duomo di Livorno [it], is dedicated to Francis of Assisi, Mary, mother of Jesus, and Julia of Corsica, and was built in a central position of the Pentagono del Buontalenti on the south side of Piazza Grande once named Piazza d’Arme. The central street at that time was Via Ferdinanda extended for 750 meters, later called Via Grande, from Porta Colonnella (Colonella city gate), in the proximity of Vecchia Darsena, to Porta Pisana (Pisan city gate). After the war the Terrazza was dedicated to Pietro Mascagni and in 1994 it underwent a complete restoration using the same kind of materials originally employed; the works were completed on 10 July 1998 with the reconstruction of the gazebo. But, in the preceding period, the merchants of Livorno had developed a series of trading networks with Protestant Europe, and the Dutch, British, and Germans worked to retain these. Livorno-Brescia 0-1, amaranto beffati allo scadere Dopo aver perso con Perugia, Cremonese e Cittadella il Livorno paga dazio anche alla capolista. Cerca porto turistico a Livorno (LI) | Trova informazioni, indirizzi e numeri di telefono a Livorno (LI) per porto turistico su Paginebianche Basta code allo sportello! The Liceo was entitled to Giovanni Battista Niccolini, Ugo Foscolo's friend, in 1862; in 1883 it was named to Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi; the name came into effect in 1889 and remained until the unification of the Liceo with the Istituto magistrale. The origin of the museum dates back to 1877 when the Comune of Livorno founded a Civic Gallery where to collect all the artistic objects kept in several places around the town; in the same period was written the guideline of the gallery which hosted a collection of paintings of authors by Livorno. In 1594 it was decided to create a huge square, at halfway of Via Ferdinanda, where to build the church of the new town. In front is a Monument to Fallen Soldiers (caduti) in the first World War. Occorre tuttavia prestare attenzione alle indicazioni presenti sul percorso. In 1839 Livorno had ten major commercial houses, led primarily by ethnic Greeks and Jewish Italians.[62]. The Whiteheads Moto Fides continued the production of torpedoes in a new plant opened in 1977 and still operating, then entered in the Fiat Group in 1979 and in 1995 passed definitely to Finmeccanica. The Rodocanachi family financed the "School of Mutual Education" established in Livorno by the pedagogist Enrico Mayer. [71], The Yeshivà Marini Museum is housed in a neoclassical building already place of worship as Marini Oratory since 1867; once was home of the Confraternity Malbish Arumin which provided to help city's poor. The Temple of the Dutch German Congregation, known more simply as the Dutch German Church, is situated in Livorno, on the stretch of the Fosso Reale canal that runs between Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza Cavour. [80], The Biblioteca Labronica [it] on the Viale della Libertà was founded in 1816, by the fellows of the Accademia Labronica, which was made public in 1840 and it was given to the Comune in 1854. Il più economico e' bus che costa 23€. The land on the side toward the town was excavated in order to have the fortress surrounded by the sea for a better defence. La Curva Nord Brescia organizza la trasferta di Livorno di lunedì 15 (fischio d’inizio alle 21) in pullman. [29], The Terrazza Mascagni is a wide sinuous belvedere toward the sea with views to the Livorno hills, the Tuscan Archipelago to Corsica, and the Port of Livorno. [7][8], During the Renaissance, Livorno was designed as an "Ideal town". It is now owned by Leonardo S.p.A., as the latter has been renamed since 2018. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});var kgmap_zoom_level = auto; The status of a multiethnic and multicultural Livorno lasted until the second half of the nineteenth century, however the vestiges of that time can still be seen in the churches, villas and palaces of the city. The Synagogue of Livorno is the main Jewish place of worship in Livorno located in Piazza Elijah Benamozegh. Ferdinando I commissioned it to Giovanni Bandini in 1595 to carry out a monument in white Carrara marble to represent him in the uniform of the Grand master of the Order of Saint Stephen which in that period prevailed in several naval battles against the Barbary pirates. © 2014-2020 Google™ & Index Web Solutions Ltd. Tutti i diritti riservati. The new rione (district), called Venezia Nuova [it], was built in an area gained to the sea, intersected by canals and linked to the town with bridges, for this reason Venetians skilled workers were recruited. It also assisted non-Greeks. Stabilire un percorso Livorno LI - Porto Santo Stefano GR da percorrere con la macchina oppure con il pullman (treno spesso fa un altro itinerario) corrisponde sulla cartina stradale alla distanza di km e il tempo di percorrenza è .. da Brescia a Livorno) e cliccare su DISTANZA!. The construction begun in June 1581 on a reviewed plan by Alessandro Pieroni under the direction by Antonio Cantagallina. Kommunen hade 157 783 invånare (2018)[2] och gränsar till kommunerna Collesalvetti, Pisa och Rosignano Marittimo. Under the Continental System, the French prohibited trade with Britain, and the economy of Livorno suffered greatly. Livorno has a hot-summer mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification Csa). The altar of the French Nation was built in 1613 and the painting, by Matteo Rosselli, represents Saint Louis. After unification and the founding of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861, the Greek community in Livorno declined, as the privileges of the free port were rescinded. [25], Ferdinando I projected to add four statues of moors prisoners at the pedestal of his monument and gave the task to Pietro Tacca in 1602[24] but the monument remained in a corner of the square till 29 May 1617 when it was inaugurated by Cosimo II de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. Trova qui le offerte di soggiorno migliori e piú convenienti: Attenzione! The main exhibition of the museum is at the second floor, where are displayed the paintings by Giovanni Fattori and other macchiaioli as Silvestro Lega, Telemaco Signorini, Vincenzo Cabianca, Giovanni Boldini, Adolfo Tommasi, Angiolo Tommasi and Ludovico Tommasi. [16] The only remainder of medieval Livorno is a fragment of two towers and a wall, located inside the Fortezza Vecchia. Il più breve è in auto che impiega 2¾ ore. Rome2rio rende il viaggio da Livorno a Brescia semplice. Notizie e news sulla Cronaca di Livorno. Mappe Percorsi calcola automaticamente il percorso da Brescia a Livorno. Gli utenti residenti a Brescia potranno ritirare il porto d'armi carta Europea previo appuntamento nella giornata di giovedì dalle ore 15 alle ore 18. Trinità) and the Chiesa della Santissima Trinità, the second non-Roman Catholic church in Tuscany. The production of the new plant raised from 700,000 to 2 million tons in 1955; nowadays the capacity of refining is 84,000 barrels per day. It is the capital of the Province of Livorno, having a population of 158,493 residents in December 2017. The most famous professor was Giovanni Pascoli who taught Greek and Latin from 1887 to 1895. Galliano is still made here and enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. The Etruscan settlement was called Labro. The museum has a collection of liturgical objects coming from the old Synagogue destroyed in World War II. [44] In 1775 they established the Confraternity of Holy Trinity (Confraternita della SS. Al porto di Livorno è attiva la procedura di fast check-in: dovrai portare con te il biglietto di viaggio e mostrarlo al personale Grimaldi direttamente all’imbarco sotto bordo, evitando così la fila in biglietteria. There is … The Grand Duke attracted numerous Turks, Persians, Moors, Greeks, and Armenians, along with Jewish immigrants. The community raised funds to support the Greek Revolution of 1821, as well as various Greek communities in the Ottoman Empire and in Italy. Its matches are played at the Stadio Armando Picchi. The bastion toward north is called Capitana because there moored the main Galley, to east is Ampolletta since housed the sand-glass used to control the guard duty, to west is the Canaviglia derived from Cavaniglia the name of the commander of the galleys of the Grand Ducky of Tuscany. Livorno's tolerance fell victim to the European wars of religion. The altar of the Corsica Nation, which at the time was under the Republic of Genoa, has a painting representing John the Evangelist. In the following years other specialities were added as physics, electronics, biology, nuclear physics and informatics. [59] In 1701 the Armenian community, who were members of the Armenian Apostolic Church, were authorized to build their own church, which they dedicated to Gregory the Illuminator. The Liceo Classico Niccolini was established on 10 March 1860 by law of Terenzio Mamiani, then Ministry of the Public Instruction. [72] In the post-war period was utilized as synagogue in the waiting for the construction of the new one. After the arrival of the Medici, the ruling dynasty of Florence, some modifications were made; between 1518 and 1534 the Fortezza Vecchia was constructed, and the voluntary resettlement of the population to Livorno was stimulated, but Livorno still remained a rather insignificant coastal fortress. The display regard the Torah ark, the sefer Torah, paintings, religious objects as the Oriental-style wooden hekhal; the oldest and most important pieces went lost.[73]. Hai 4 modi per andare da Livorno a Brescia. Il più breve è in auto che impiega 2¾ ore. In turn, the trading networks grew, and with it, Britain's cultural contact with Tuscany. The church was entirely destroyed by the bombings during World War II and the restoration was completed in 1985. It is located on the site of the Forte dei Cavalleggieri (Cavalrymen Fort) built in the 17th century by Cosimo I de' Medici to deter pirate raids,[30] subsequently replaced by a leisure park in the 1800s, and a heliotherapy centre in the early 1900s. Ferdinando II de' Medici considered, in 1629, the opportunity to enlarge the town, on project by Giovanni Battista Santi, toward north in an area included among Fortezza Vecchia and Fortezza Nuova, in order to give an adequate space to the maritime and commercial activities. Developing considerably from the second half of the 16th century by the will of the Medici family, Livorno was an important free port, giving rise to an intense commercial activity, in the hands, for the most part, of foreigners, and seat of consulates and shipping companies. Livorno was used certainly in the eighteenth century by Florentines.[15]. Percorsi stradali di Google da Brescia a Livorno. Pallacanestro Don Bosco Livorno, founded in 1996, is an amateur basketball club, playing in the Serie C Gold as of April 2017. The paving of the roads and along the canals in Venezia Nuova was provided in 1668,[23] Head to head statistics and prediction, goals, past matches, actual form for Serie B. [54] During World War II the building was used by the German command as headquarters, and later taken by the American forces;[84] in the post-war period was restored in order to adapt it into library. The Port has regular ferry links of the following operators with the following cities: The city is served by Livorno Centrale station. By 1745 Livorno's population had risen to 32,534 persons.[9]. The altar of the Portuguese Nation built in the 17th century had a wooden statue of Saint Mary until 1728 when this was positioned near the main altar and replaced by one of Anthony of Padua. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Livorno had numerous public parks housing important museums such as the Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori, Museo di storia naturale del Mediterraneo, and cultural institutions as the Biblioteca Labronica F.D. [57] [25] In the meantime Tacca received the approval to add the four moors to the pedestal; the first two statues were fused in Florence in 1622 and carried on the barges along the Arno to Livorno; according to the tradition the young moor was named Morgiano and the older Alì Salentino;[25] the other two sculptures were installed in 1626. Tempo di viaggio: Il tempo di percorrenza via auto del percorso scelto sará circa 3 ore 0 min.Distanza del percorso: Da Brescia punto di partenza a Livorno punto di arrivo, circa 292 km di percorso. The cemetery was closed in 1839 and a new one, still active, was opened. (Identities, Cultures, and Creativity)", Christopoulos, M.D. Livorno-Brescia è l'ultima partita della trentaduesima giornata di Serie B, si gioca alle 21.00: probabili formazioni e pronostici. At that time it counted 96,471 inhabitants. Cerca l’orario e la fermata dell’autobus per Livorno Viaggia con Wi-Fi gratis a bordo Con FlixBus puoi scegliere tra 0 destinazioni diverse Sul nostro network, su cosa fare prima del viaggio e … In 1593, the Duke's administration established the Leggi Livornine to regulate the trade. Con … During the Italian campaigns of the French Revolutionary Wars of the late Eighteenth century, Napoleon's troops occupied Livorno with the rest of Tuscany. The school give the professional preparation to form the Merchant navy Officers. Livorno (Italian: [liˈvorno] (listen)) is a port city on the Ligurian Sea[2] on the western coast of Tuscany, Italy. [54] [9] Distanza in linea d’aria del percorso Livorno LI - Porto Santo Stefano GR è km. It is traditionally known in English as Leghorn (pronounced /lɛˈɡɔːrn/ leg-ORN,[4][5] /ˈlɛɡhɔːrn/ LEG-horn[6] or /ˈlɛɡərn/ LEG-ərn). Guerrazzi and others in Neoclassical style as Cisternone, Teatro Goldoni and Liberty style as Palazzo Corallo, Mercato delle Vettovaglie, Stabilimento termale Acque della Salute, the Scuole elementari Benci all the last on project by Angiolo Badaloni. Livorno bus network is performed by Compagnia Toscana Trasporti Nord (CTT Nord) which manages, since 2 May 2017, 2 High Mobility Routes (Blue LAM and Red LAM), 12 urban routes, 1 school route, 3 services by request and 6 suburban routes departing from Livorno across the Province. The Museo Mascagnano houses memorabilia, documents and operas by the great composer Pietro Mascagni, who lived here. [37] The church had a rectangular plant with a single nave, the original wooden ceiling, executed from 1610 to 1614, was carved by Vincenzo Ricordati[36] and gilded with seven inserted paintings. A Case Study of Trieste", "Livorno Aquarium, Tuscany's largest aquarium Acquario di Livorno", "Il Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori di Livorno :: Gli editoriali di OriginalITALY - - Il meglio in Italia", "Museo Fattori - Tuscan Art in Livorno's 19th-century Villa Mimbelli - Livorno Now", "Museo Ebraico, Museum in Tuscany, Italy", "InStoria - Lo stabilimento Whitehead di Fiume", "Biblioteca comunale Labronica Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi", "Provincia di Livorno - Biblioteche - Cultura - Cittadini - Regione Toscana", "Villa Fabbricotti - Giardini Livorno - Regione Toscana", "Il canale dei Navicelli, la via d'acqua tra Pisa e Livorno ponte per un gemellaggio? [49], In 1629 part of the fortress was demolished to permit the building of Venezia Nuova and San Marco quarters wanted by Ferdinando II. Rome2rio è un motore di informazioni di viaggio e prenotazioni porta a porta, che ti aiuta … Based on its status since the late 16th century as a free port (port franc) and the warehouses constructed for long-term storage of goods and grains from the Levant, until the late 19th century Livorno enjoyed a strong strategic position related to Greek mercantile interests in the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the North Atlantic.