News & Media Website. Non è da escludere, dunque, la cessione all'estero della punta. This unusual venue became the hallmark of a new Italian basketball season, compared to the worldwide famous Boston Garden. [76] The team was eliminated by Stefanel Milano in the Top 16 of the FIBA EuroLeague, the former Champions Cup. The team reached a record of seven wins in the first seven games of the continental competition, which had never been achieved before. Virtus Bologna mercato, Strelnieks nel mirino. [90] The absence of a strong leader like Danilović and the subsequent ban for doping of another historic player like Hugo Sconochini, forced every single player of the team to take more responsibility, but at the same time opened spaces to the immature and talented newcomers, free to show their abilities and experience at a high level. Stefano Bonaccini. [31] The team also reached the final of the Cup Winner's Cup, but lost 84–82 against Gabetti Cantù. Marco Belinelli lascia l’Nba dopo 13 stagioni e torna in Italia, alla Virtus Bologna. (9.369) Virtus Bologna: ecco chi sono gli 8 giocatori sotto contratto anche per la stagione 2020/21 (7.184) Related Pages. 07.12.2020 23:37 di Redazione Vedi letture. [130][131] Virtus ended second in the regular season behind Treviso and on 19 June 2017 won the playoffs, beating Trieste by 3–0, thus returning to the top series after only one year. Finals, Game 5: Kinder Bologna becomes first champ in last game! Tra i candidati alla panchina delle VNere c'è il nome di Luca Banchi. [66] In the same year, Cazzola signed a deal with Buckler, a brand of Heineken, which became the new sponsor of the team. [28] Thanks to Driscoll's leadership and the fundamental support of Italian players like Carlo Caglieris, Gianni Bertolotti, Marco Bonamico and Luigi Serafini, Virtus won its seventh national championship, the first one after twenty years. At twenty seconds from the end of the game, with Fortitudo leading by 4, Danilović scored a three-point shot and at the same time suffered a foul by Dominique Wilkins, completing the so-called "four-point shot". Virtus Bologna: a Milos Teodosic poco più di 5 milioni di stipendio (11.457) Serie A 2019/2020: ecco il calendario della Virtus Bologna (9.856) Rumors: la Virtus Bologna sul mercato della Serie A? [123] The team ended the season at the 14th place.[124]. Mercoledì 16 dicembre palla a due alle 20,30 alla Segafredo Arena. [78], In 1997, Roberto Brunamonti became team's general manager,[79] while coach Messina and Sasha Danilović returned to Virtus and the team was completed with important international players like Radoslav Nesterovič, Antoine Rigaudeau, Hugo Sconochini and Alessandro Frosini, as well as with the confirmation of Zoran Savić and Alessandro Abbio. shop now. [137] On 4 April, the Black V defeated Nanterre 92, reaching the BCL Final Four in Antwerp,[138] which won on 5 May defeating Iberostar Tenerife 73–61, thanks to an outstanding game by Kevin Punter, who was able to score 26 points and was nominated Final Four MVP. [88] Under Cazzola's presidency, Virtus lived a period which became known as its "Golden Age", in which the Black V won four national titles, two Italian Cups and a EuroLeague, becoming one the most notable and successful teams in Europe.[89]. or. Intervista Esclusiva Con Giuseppe Poeta: Heat Favoriti Ma Occhio A Knicks e Lakers. [135][136] On 11 March, after a defeat against Cantù and with Virtus temporarily out of playoffs, the team board sacked Sacripanti and appointed the Serbian Aleksandar Đorđević as new head coach. Le migliori azioni di Treviso – Virtus, nel video Eurosport. Resta il sogno dei tifosi Zeljko Obradovic, anche se improbabile al momento. The team ended the regular season in first place, but he was eventually eliminated by Olimpia Milan in the playoffs' semifinals. Fisicamente… Posted in: Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna. MERCATO VIRTUS, LE SCADENZE La Redazione 31/12/2019 Non è un mistero che la Virtus si stia muovendo sul mercato per rafforzare il roster in vista della fase clou della stagione. Torino-Virtus Entella 2-0 (primo tempo 2-0) Marcatori: 28’ p.t. Fortitudo Bologna mercato: ufficiale Dario Hunt. However, after a field invasion by Virtus supporters before a match against Pallacanestro Trieste, Madrigali was forced to re-hire him. MERCATO LBA - Virtus Bologna, ecco Belinelli: "Una notizia clamorosa, sono super contento" 26.11.2020 17:41 di Redazione Vedi letture Marco Belinelli, attraverso il profilo Instagram della Virtus Segafredo Bologna, ha parlato che la società ha annunciato la sua firma. SHORTS HOME. [41], After the defeat in the Cup, Porelli sacked Ranuzzi and hired coach Aleksandar Nikolić, worldwide known as "The Professor". Il mercato della Virtus, di cui si parla da tempo, potrebbe entrare nel vivo a breve. 83-89 il finale. [69], In the 1994–95 season, Joe Binion replaced Levingston, while the rest of the team remained untouched. [103] However, suffering from serious financial problems, mainly caused by the failure of Madrigali's video game company CTO SpA, Virtus was excluded from the Serie A in August 2003, after missing payments to players, first of all the young Slovenian Sani Bečirovič. [45] While on 31 May, Virtus conquered its 14th national title, defeating in Game 5 of the final, Teamsystem Bologna. Vediamo come si comportano le altre formazioni della Legabasket serie A In 1966, Jaroslav Šíp was hired as new head coach, but Virtus never became a real contender for the championship, with Olimpia and Ignis which alternatively won the title until 1968. From 1943 to 1945, the championship was suspended due to the outbreak of the war in the country and the beginning of the civil war. [142], On 13 July, Virtus signed a three-year deal with Miloš Teodosić, 2016 EuroLeague champion and former NBA player,[143] who was widely considered one of the best European point guard of all time. [85] In 1999–2000 season, the Black V lost the Italian Cup final against Treviso and was defeated 83–76 by AEK, in the FIBA Saporta Cup's final in Lausanne. [35] The team also reached the semifinals of the Cup Winners' Cup, where it was eliminated for only one point by the Dutch EBBC. [7] At the end of the world war, Santa Lucia was no longer available for basketball games and after a brief period of outdoor matches on a field in Via del Ravone, the team moved to Sala Borsa, the city's stock exchange, readjusted in the evening for basketball matches. [121] At the end of the regular season, the Black V arrived 5th, being eliminated by Dinamo Sassari, in the first round of the playoffs. (9.329) Virtus Bologna: ecco chi sono gli 8 giocatori sotto contratto anche per la stagione 2020/21 (6.988) Virtus Bologna: i numeri di maglia per la stagione 2019/2020 (4.783) Virtus Bologna: tutto fatto per la grande stella italiana (4.445) Rumors: Iman Shumpert nel mirino? Si parte dal 18-0 di Kuban, che vale il 62-54 a 2.20 da fine terzo quarto, si arriva all’8-0 Virtus, per il 68-73 a 6.31 del quarto. [61] During 23 years of tenure, Porelli won four national titles, four Italian Cups and one Cup Winner's Cup, transforming a simple basketball section of a sports club into one of the richest and most successful teams in Europe. [67] In October 1993, Virtus took part to the McDonald's Open in Munich, where it arrived second, after the Phoenix Suns. [16] Virtus, led by its best player Gianfranco Lombardi, took part in its first European Champions Cup, but it was ousted by CCA Bucarest in the second round. Non chiamatelo derby avevano detto prima della partita i tifosi delle due squadre, notoriamente tra le più appassionate in Italia. LBA - Virtus Bologna, rinviato l'esordio di Marco Belinelli; MERCATO LBA - La Dinamo Sassari valuta la posizione di; MERCATO NBA - I 76ers disposti a cedere Ben Simmons per; MERCATO NBA - La trade per James Harden non interessa i; NBA - Jazz: Rudy Gobert rifiuta l'estensione, vuole un [13], Due to the increasing fame of Virtus, the Sala Borsa was no longer suitable for hosting games; so in 1956, the long-time Mayor of Bologna, Giuseppe Dozza, inaugurated a new arena, which was simply known as "Sports Hall" and had a seating capacity of more than 7,000 people. The club built a good team for the league, led by important players such as Guido Rosselli, Klaudio Ndoja, Michael Umeh and Kenny Lawson. Amar Alibegovic, ala della Virtus Roma accostato al mercato di Olimpia Milano, firma con la Virtus Bologna 27 maggio «L’unica speranza per i dirigenti virtussini è l’allargamento a 20 squadre, ma la co­sa non sembra essere particolar­mente gradita ad alcuni club, tra cui Milano. [32], In the following season, Porelli signed Jim McMillian, a 1972 NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers. [52], Despite the playoffs' elimination, the season was considered a rebirth for Virtus: the national cup was the team's first trophy since 1984 and the great performances of Richardson had brought back the passion for basketball in the city. Note: Flags indicate national team eligibility at FIBA sanctioned events. [11] In 1949–50 season, the Black V arrived second after Olimpia Milano; during these years, the long-time rivalry with Olimpia, known as "derby of Italy", began. MERCATO VIRTUS, I PRIMI NOMI ... VIRTUS SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA Tessitori voto 5 – Quattro punti e quattro falli in 8’. Bologna: news e approfondimenti sul calciomercato i risultati e le cessioni dei calciatori più forti del campionato sulla diretta calcio di In the national finals, Virtus faced its former coach, Dan Peterson and his new team, Olimpia. Il meglio della vittoria della Virtus a Montecarlo. Settore Giovanile Bologna Fc 1909, Bologna. Share. 26 novembre 2020 - 16:34. Aradori and Filippo Baldi Rossi were confirmed and the club signed, among others, Tony Taylor, Kevin Punter, Amath M'Baye and Brian Qvale, to participate in the Basketball Champions League, which was Virtus's first European competition after ten years. Il palasport caccia via Madrigali aggredito deve scappare: mollerà? I risultati in tempo reale, le statistiche, la classifica, gli infortuni, i roster, i rumors di basket mercato e tanto altro di Segafredo Virtus Bologna. (9.369) Virtus Bologna: ecco chi sono gli 8 giocatori sotto contratto anche per la stagione 2020/21 (7.184) [75] On 8 March 1997, coach Bucci was replaced by Lino Frattin, who after a few days, won Black V's fifth Italian Cup against Cantù. La nostra voglia di basket però non si ferma, e la…, E’ nel momento di maggiore difficoltà che una famiglia deve trovare in sé stessa la…, La GIBA ha effettuato uno studio fra i propri iscritti, sottoponendo questionari a giocatori militanti…, Pubblichiamo le medie voto delle partite di ieri e le medie in stagione di Fortitudo…, Come ogni settimana, vi aspettiamo questa sera con una nuova puntata di Fossa on the…, Alla fine la partita è stata facile, perchè la Virtus è stata brava a renderla…, E allora c’è vita su Marte, si potrebbe dire dopo la convincente vittoria di ieri…, Seconda vittoria per la gestione Dalmonte della Fortitudo Bologna che supera in casa la Vanoli…, Wesley Saunders – al termine della partita di ieri – ha accusato un dolore al…, Risultati e classifica dopo la 12° giornata di serie A. Professional Sports Team. A 34 anni Marco Belinelli lascia la NBA dopo 13 anni e torna a Bologna. LA PIAZZOLA E' IL MERCATO SETTIMANALE DELLA CITTA' DI BOLOGNA... CON I SUOI 450 BANCHI E' UNO DEI PIU' GRANDI D'ITALIA Accessibility Help. Serie A. Calcio (it) Bologna (it) TORINO, Bologna decisiva non solo per Giampaolo Firenze Viola 10:54 18-Dec-20. MERCATO LBA - Virtus Bologna, tra i candidati anche Luca Banchi? [119] In 2010–11, the team was completed with Giuseppe Poeta, Valerio Amoroso, Jared Homan, as well as K.C. Risolto il contratto con l'ad Dalla Salda [91][92] On 28 April 2001, Virtus won its seventh Italian Cup against Pesaro,[93] while on 10 May, the Black V won its second EuroLeague, defeating 3–2 Tau Cerámica, in the first and only series in the history of EuroLeague finals. After another poor result in the 1969–70 season under coach Nello Paratore, in 1970, Porelli hired Black V's legendary coach Vittorio Tracuzzi and sold the best player of the time, Gianfranco Lombardi, unleashing a popular uprising that even ended up in court. 4K likes. [45], In the following summer, the team was suddenly reshaped and Markovski was fired by Sabatini, whose presidency was characterized by his fickle nature, which led him implementing unexpected and often unpopular choices. [87], In May 2000, Cazzola sold Virtus to Marco Madrigali, a video game entrepreneur, who became the new president of the club. 21/10/2020 VIRTUS SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA – AS MONACO 94-85 (27-23, 41-41; 59-63) Al termine di una partita… Posted in: Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna. Il lettone potrebbero essere il playmaker titolare. Di Francesco Grisanti. [73], In 1996, captain Roberto Brunamonti retired from basketball after 14 seasons as a Virtus player. Ottobre 1, 2020 . Pagina ufficiale del Settore Giovanile del Bologna Fc 1909. [45], In 1984–85, Virtus reached the semifinal group stage of the Champions Cup, where, however, it was eliminated. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? [145] In the 2019–20 season, Virtus played some home games, including the derby against Fortitudo won 94–62, at the Virtus Arena, a temporary indoor arena with a capacity of nearly 9,000 seats, located in the Fiera District. Bologna (it) Sport. Torneo Giardini Margherita. MERCATO NBA. RECORD DI PUNTI E RIMBALZI PER TOTE’, FORTITUDO, DOLORE AL GINOCCHIO PER SAUNDERS, SERIE A, RISULTATI E CLASSIFICA DOPO LA 12° GIORNATA. Sasha Djordjevic dovrebbe recuperare sia Awudu Abass che Stefan Markovic. shop now . [84], In the following season, Virtus won its 7th Italian Cup in January 1999. After a tough beginning, the season had a turning point during the Christmas derby against Fortitudo, which was soundly won by the Black V by 99–62. Postato da: Nessun commento Mike Moore firma per Iraklis BC. 19/12/2020 Un’altra grande vittoria per le nostre ragazze! During the 1950s the first derbies were played against Gira and Moto Morini, the other two teams of Bologna. LA VIRTUS BATTE MONACO E RESTA IMBATTUTA IN EUROCUP. [56] However, the team was once again eliminated in national playoffs' quarterfinals against Phonola Caserta. Thanks to this choice, which was highly criticised at the time, Porelli definitively healed the club's finances. Virtus Segafredo Bologna fixtures tab is showing last 100 Basketball matches with statistics and win/lose icons. Benvenuto nello store ufficiale di Virtus Segafredo, uno dei più grandi club della pallacanestro italiana. [59], In 1991, after two years of internal struggles within the shareholders' assembly, during which he also briefly lost the control of the society,[60] Porelli sold Virtus to Alfredo Cazzola, a local trade fair entrepreneur. The team also defeated Fortitudo 57–62 in a historic EuroLeague's semifinal in Munich, but it lost 82–74 in the final against Žalgiris of Tyus Edney and was eliminated in the semifinals for the national championship by Treviso. [126] However, the team arrived 13th, out of the playoffs. Despite good premises, FuturVirtus did not reach the promotion in Serie A, losing 3–0 in the final series of playoffs from Aurora Jesi. 21/10/2020 VIRTUS SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA – AS MONACO 94-85 (27-23, 41-41; 59-63) Al termine di una partita… Posted in: Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna. “A me…, Desta qualche preoccupazione le situazioni di Ethan Happ e Wesley Saunders, che non saranno della…, La Virtus chiude il suo girone di Eurocup con il recupero di questa sera contro…, Sentito dalla videochat di Backdoorpodcast, l’ex Fortitudo Leonardo Candi ha parlato anche del suo passato…, Ci potrebbe essere una opzione Pistoia per Tre’Shaun Fletcher, l’esterno Fortitudo che oggi come oggi…, La Virtus Segafredo Bologna torna in campo per l’ultima partita del Girone C di 7Days…, I palazzetti sono chiusi. The president hired Stefano Pillastrini as new head coach and signed, among others, Alan Anderson, Delonte Holland, Dewarick Spencer and Roberto Chiacig. Aggiornamenti in tempo reale sulla pallacanestro a Bologna e provincia. Highlights: AS Monaco-Virtus Bologna 68-74. Set a club record or won an individual award while at the club. [20] Alternately nicknamed "Torquemada" or "Robespierre" for his quick and often dictatorial methods, or, more frequently, L'Avvocato ("The Lawyer"), Porelli has been one of the most prominent figures in the history of Virtus, which through initiatives often unpopular but almost always winning, definitively carried towards professionalism. Los Angeles Lakers Mercato NBA, ultime notizie su scambi e trattative. The team was completed with Cliff Levingston, two-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls. Jaleen Smith e Nando De Colo nel mirino delle V nere. Moreover, Sabatini signed Travis Best, a former NBA player for the Indiana Pacers, Brett Blizzard, Guilherme Giovannoni, Vlado Ilievski and Tyrone Grant. La Virtus conquista il terzo…. 12K likes. Sono giorni di attesa, in casa Virtus, che è in cerca di un ultimo colpo sul mercato, quello che Luca Baraldi ha definito esterno di qualità. Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue. Gamba, one of the most successful Italian coaches of all time, did not succeed in winning with Virtus too, exiting in the first round of 1986 playoffs and being eliminated in the quarterfinals of 1987 playoffs. — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) November 19, 2020 Undrafted Kansas guard Devon Dotson is signing with the Chicago Bulls, source tells ESPN. [86] Moreover, Virtus was once again eliminated by Treviso, in the semifinals for the national championship. Colpo di Avellino che sbanca Le Mans, Basket, la Virtus chiama Chalmers, due titoli Nba a Miami insieme a LeBron, "Virtus Bologna announces signing of Mario Chalmers", "Basket, morto Alberto Bucci, storico coach delle V nere", Il basket piange Bucci: muore a 70 anni il coach della stella delle V nere, Basket, Serie A: Ribaltone Virtus, via Sacripanti, il coach è Djordjevic, Basket, Champions League: Virtus Bologna qualificata alle Final Four, Finale a suon di triple: Kevin Punter vince il premio di MVP, La Virtus Bologna conquista la Champions League: Tenerife ko in finale 73-61, Bologna ora ha anche le donne in A-1: obiettivo salvezza, poi le ambizioni, Nuovo CdA Virtus Bologna: Sermasi presidente, Baraldi amministratore delegato, "Milos Teodosic officially signs with Virtus Bologna". Boniciolli was immediately fired by president Sabatini and the team was reshaped again during summer. [27], In 1975, McMillen started his career in the NBA, so Porelli and Peterson signed Terry Driscoll, a former NBA player and 4th overall pick in 1969 draft. [96] After the double in 1997–98, in 2000–01 season, Virtus completed a so-called Triple Crown (known in Italy as Grande Slam), winning all the trophies that it could won. [80] In the same year, the club moved to PalaMalaguti, an indoor sporting arena in Casalecchio di Reno with a seating capacity of more than 8,000 people, leaving PalaDozza after almost 40 years. (9.285) Virtus Bologna: ecco chi sono gli 8 giocatori sotto contratto anche per la stagione 2020/21 (6.814) [15], In 1960, the Spanish coach, Eduardo Kucharski, succeeded Tracuzzi at the head of the team. [83] During this period, Bologna was nicknamed "Basket City", due to the fame and the victories of town's two teams. [133][134] On 9 March, president Alberto Bucci died at 70 years old, due to complications from a cancer. [155] In September, Virtus hosted the Supercup's Final Four at the Segafredo Arena, but it lost against Olimpia Milan 75–68; the Supercup was the first competition since the cancellation of the previous season. A1 Femminile - Virtus Bologna, Serventi "Essere concentrati ed evitare errori banali" Pianeta Basket 18:10 18-Dec-20. Ecco le firme più interessanti. "Così ci tolsero la Coppa Campioni", Alla Virtus Granarolo lo "scudetto della stella", "Micheal Ray Richardson hopes to return to the NBA", Cook: Senior class Pitt's Johnson refuses to pout, becomes leader, Il tributo del PalaDozza a Sugar Richardson, NBA International Pre-Season and Regular-Season Games, Basket, venti anni fa il tiro impossibile di Danilovic: e la Virtus beffò la Fortitudo, Basket city, i migliori giocatori della storia della Virtus, Danilovic dice basta, il basket perde la star, Le squadre più forti di sempre: la Virtus del Triplete di Messina, Tabellino della finale di Coppa Italia 2001. shop now. [98] Despite this, the team lost 89–83 the EuroLeague final, which was held in PalaMalaguti, against Panathinaikos of Dejan Bodiroga and Željko Obradović,[99] and was eliminated in the semifinals for the national championship by Benetton Treviso. Create New Account. [141] In the same month, Giuseppe Sermasi, a local entrepreneur and former vice president, became Virtus new president, holding the vacant post after Bucci's death, while Luca Baraldi, a prominent manager of Segafredo, was appointed new CEO. [156] In November 2020, Virtus signed a three-year deal with Marco Belinelli, from the San Antonio Spurs. [120], In 2011–2012, Sabatini hired Alessandro Finelli as new coach and signed important players like Chris Douglas-Roberts, a former NBA players, Terrell McIntyre and Angelo Gigli. [19], The 1960s had been an unfortunate decade for Virtus. [40], At the beginning of the 1980–81 season, Driscoll's assistant, Ettore Zuccheri, became the new head coach, but he was later replaced by Renzo Ranuzzi. After few months, coach Pasquali was succeeded by Matteo Boniciolli. Mercato NBA, Wesley Matthews verso i Los Angeles Lakers. [106] Sabatini acquired also the club Progresso Castelmaggiore, from a small town in Bologna's hinterland, which played in Serie A2 and sponsored the new team with FuturVirtus brand, guaranteeing, therefore, the continuity of the glorious name "Virtus" despite the exclusion from the championships. Segafredo Virtus Bologna Femminile; Playground Giardini Margherita; Salus Bologna; Virtus Spes Vis Imola; Bologna Basket 2016; Invictus Academy ; SG Fortitudo; Mi ritorni in mente; Basket City al Mare; I Siti Ufficiali; MERCATO VIRTUS, LE SCADENZE MERCATO VIRTUS, LE SCADENZE. [125] In 2013–14 season, Virtus signed, among others, Matt Waksh, Willie Warren and Shawn King. Virtus Francavilla: Mercato, pista estera per Nzola. Basket mercato. Le migliori azioni di Fortitudo-Cremona, nel video Eurosport.