Title STRONG REDUCTION IN NET DEBT. The works involve the enlarging and modernizing of 14 kilometres of NR-8 Breslava-Varsavia-Białystok, for the section between Mężenin and Jeżevo (from Km 601+700 to Km 615+960.85). Files Media 11971 of 14... With reference to the article published today in the newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE titled “Astaldi: the reorganisation divides the BoD. 14 November 201315:55 ASTALDI, 166 MILLION EURO RAILWAY LINE CONTRACT IN ALGERIAThe Astaldi Group was provisionally awarded the contract with SNTF, the national railway company of the Republic of Algeria, to build the new Mecheria-Redjem Demouche railway line totalling approximately 166 million euros.   114 OF ITALIAN LEGISLATIVE DECREE NO. February Following the satisfaction of conditions precedent including the signing of arrangements provided for in the loan agreement involving the SPV, banks, granting authority and the Turkish Treasury Department, financial close was achieved of the non-recourse, USD 2.3 billion loan, organised by a... Astaldi informs that the First Quarter Financial Report as of May 31 2014 has been filed, both at the Company’s Offices and at Borsa Italiana S.p.A., where it is available for consultation. The share issue under consideration is aimed at strengthening the Group’s capital structure and ensuring the... ASTALDI, NEW ORDERS IN ITALY FOR EUR 190 ASTALDIThe Astaldi Group announces to have won orders in Italy for app. Media   -      EBITDA margin of 13.1%, with EBITDA of EUR 85 million The Report is also available on the Company’s website: www.astaldi.com. Title Media Title Files 58/1998 (CONSOLIDATED FINANCE ACT - TUF), INFORMATION PROVIDED PURSUANT TO ART. 85-BIS OF THE ISSUERS’ REGULATION AND ART. ASTALDI, IN VENEZUELA SIGNED CONTRACT INCREASE FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE PUERTO CABELLO – LA ENCRUCIJADA RAILWAY LINEAstaldi, in joint venture at 33.33% with Impregilo and Ghella, has signed with IFE (the Venezuelan Railway Institute) an increase of contract for the completion of the Puerto Cabello-La Encrucijada railway line, which is already at an advanced stage of completion by the same JV. Media 14 February 20198:27 Media The Board also resolved to submit the 2013 Annual Financial Statements for approval by the... GREEN LIGHT FROM THE ITALIAN GOVERNMENT FOR MEGA-LOT 3 OF THE JONICA NATIONAL ROADAstaldi announces having been awarded two construction contracts in Italy totalling EUR 110 million for Astaldi’s share. NET PROFIT, +21.3%, ASTALDI: AGREEMENT SIGNED TO REFINANCE LINE 5 OF THE MILAN UNDERGROUND. December NET PROFIT OF EUR 42 MILLION, +10.6%The Board of Directors of Astaldi S.p.A. chaired by Vittorio Di Paola met today to approve Astaldi Group’s consolidated results for Q4 2008 and to examine preliminary figures for the whole year. 20 January 20167:00 The Board of Directors of Astaldi, as part of what was already outlined in the Business Plan, has examined the results of a preliminary study for structuring an operation for the valorization of concession assets (both current and perspective).   Media 31 July 20077:00 The contract signing ceremony was held in Munich today for the design and development of the Dome and of the Main Structure of the E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) to be built in Cerro Armazones, in Chile. 85-bis of... November   Documentation available to the publicAstaldi informs that the Interim Report at March 31 2016, approved by the Board of Directors held on May 10 2016, has been filed at the Company’s Offices and at Borsa Italiana S.p.A., where it is available for consultation. Date November     Title 07 July 201618:33 ASTALDI: NOTICE OF CHANGE IN SHARE CAPITAL PURSUANT TO ART. 14 December 201819:12 2.6.2 of the Rules of the Markets organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. Net profit of EUR 81.6 million April The motorway links Istanbul... April EUR 1.6 billion in construction contracts ASTALDI TO LAUNCH €400 MILIONI SENIOR NOTES OFFERINGAstaldi S.p.A. (the “Issuer” or “Astaldi”) announces the offer off €400,000,0000 Senior Nootes due 20220 (the “Notees”). Title Date 04 December 201917:36 ASTALDI: COVID-19 EMERGENCY – COMMUNICATION OF THE JUDICIAL COMMISSIONERS ON THE MODALITIES FOR ATTENDING THE CREDITORS’ MEETING OF 26 MARCH 2020Astaldi S.p.A. (“Astaldi” or the “Company”) informs of having received a mandate from the judicial commissioners Enrico Proia, Piergiorgio Zampetti and Vincenzo Mascolo (jointly, the “Commissioners”), to disclose the attached communication, prepared by them and dated 11... ASTALDI OFFERS ADDITIONAL EURO 100 MILLION SENIOR NOTES DUE 2020Astaldi S.p.A. (the “Issuer” or “Astaldi”) announces the offer of Astaldi Press NoteASTALDI: THE SHAREHOLDERS’ MEETING CALLED TO APPROVE THE CAPITAL INCREASE. 2.6.2 of the Rules of the Markets organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. SIMEST has acquired an approximately 34% interest in the share capital of Astaldi Construction Corporation (“ACC”), a United States subsidiary of the Astaldi Group, active in building infrastructure since 1989. The Board also resolved to submit the 2013 Annual Financial Statements for approval by the... Astaldi informs that, due to organizational needs, the Meeting of the Board of Directors for the approval of the 2013 Full Year Results, previously scheduled for March 14 2014, will be hold on March 28 2014.   Files ASTALDI BECOMES PARTNER OF THE PROJECT FINANCE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE LARGEST HYDROELECTRIC POWER PROJECT BEING CARRIED OUT IN CHILEAstaldi has signed the agreement to enter with a 27.3% share into the project finance Pacific Hydro Chacayes S.A., the SPV in charge of developing, constructing and operating the Chacayes power plant, in the valley of Cachapoal river, in Chile. THE PRIME MINISTER MATTEO RENZI VISITS ASTALDI’S SITE WORKING FOR THE THIRD BOSPHORUS BRIDGEThe Prime Minister Matteo Renzi paid a visit to Istanbul, Turkey today, to the Astaldi site, working on the Third Bosphorus Bridge. October Files Total revenue of EUR 2,652.6 million Moreover, on this date, the CIPE (Italian Government’s Interministerial Economic Programming Committee) approved the final design for the second section of Mega-lot... ASTALDI WON THE BID FOR THE NEW HOSPITAL IN NAPLESThe 25 year concession foresees over € 660 million in revenues. Title Q4 2010 AND PRELIMINARY RESULTS 2010Astaldi in 2010: Title Date 111, Italian... ASTALDI: ANNOUNCEMENT OF CHANGES TO VOTING RIGHTS PURSUANT TO ART. The issuue and offeriing of the Nootes was appproved todayy by the Boaard of Directoors of Astalddi. Title Minutes of the 100% quorate Meeting of Noteholders (assemblea...  Total order backlog of approximately EUR 28.7 billion NET PROFIT, +21.3% 16 May 20191:29 07 March 200812:52 Date Ernesto Monti, approved some amendments to the Bylaws, specifically regarding eligibility to take part in the a)    Net Financial... March   19 February 201919:48 The General Meeting also examined the 2011 Consolidated Financial Statements which ended with net... The value of the contract is approximately EUR 600 million of which 49.5% pertaining to Astaldi. GROWTH TARGETS CONFIRMED Stefano Cerri, the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, reported the following: “...   The abovementioned...     February 19 November 202018:11 ASTALDI SIGNS THE CONTRACT TO BUILD THE ST. PETERSBURG RING ROAD IN RUSSIAAstaldi as part of a joint venture with the Turkish construction firm, IC Ictas, signed today in Russia the construction contract to build the section which completes the WHSD (Western High-Speed Diameter), the motorway ring road in St. Petersburg. Media ASTALDI: SUCCESSFUL PLACEMENT OF EUR 115 MILLION BOND COUPON 4.5% CONV PREMIUM 35%Astaldi S.p.A. places Euro 115 million equity-linked bonds to qualified investors.     Media   ASTALDI-ANSALDO STS, CONTRACT SIGNED FOR LINE 5 OF THE MILAN UNDERGROUNDThe special purpose vehicle, led by Astaldi and including Ansaldo Trasporti Sistemi Ferroviari S.p.A., a subsidiary of Ansaldo STS; Ansaldo Breda; Torno; Alstom Trasporti; and Azienda Trasporti Municipalizzata (ATM), has signed a contract with the Municipality of Milan for the construction of... Files The last 25-km section of the Anatolian Motorway, constructed by the Italian Group ASTALDI and inaugurated in the presence of the Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Romano Prodi, and the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has been officially opened to traffic. 13 November 20077:00   The Meeting of the holders of the notes denominated “€140,000,000 4.875 per cent. The works involve the design and construction of 19 kilometres of the S-5 Poznań-Wrocław high-speed road (Lot 3, from Km 137+500 to the Widawa-Wrocław intersection), in addition to enlarging and... Title Paolo Astaldi, Chairman of Astaldi Group, commented as follows: «The resolutions passed by today's... Astaldi S.p.A. informs that the Court of Rome checked the validity of the procedure and the results of voting by creditors and published today the approval decree of Astaldi’s Composition with creditors on a going concern basis. Date 114 OF ITALIAN LEGISLATIVE DECREE NO. Media Stefano Cerri, Chief Executive Officer. The contract is valued at US$ 1.2 billion. ASTALDI: THE GENERAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS APPROVES THE 2011 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND RESOLVES UPON AN EUR 0.17 PER SHARE DIVIDENDThe General Meeting of Shareholders of Astaldi S.p.A. has examined and approved the financial statements at 31 December 2011, at the terms put forward by the Board of Directors on 16 March 2012. ASTALDI, FIRST HALF REPORT AT 30 JUNE 2011 AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLICAstaldi informs that the Astaldi S.p.A.’s First Half Report at 30 June 2011, approved by the BoD held on August 4 2011, has been filed both at the Company’s Offices and at Borsa Italiana S.p.A. where it is available for consultation.   ASTALDI: operation of Santiago Airport in Chile to start from October 2015, ASTALDI: DOCUMENTATION FILED FOR THE FORTHCOMING SHAREHOLDERS’ MEETING, ASTALDI: NET PROFIT UP BY 21%.     The Astaldi Shareholders Meeting, chaired by Ernesto Monti, has approved the financial statements for 2004 and has reviewed the 2004 consolidated financial statements.   ASTALDI: NOTICE TO UNSECURED CREDITORS OTHER THAN THE NOTEHOLDERSFollowing the press release published by Astaldi S.p.A. (“Astaldi” or the “Company”) on 29 October 2020, in relation to the approval by CONSOB of the prospectus for the admission to trading on the Mercato Telematico Azionario organised and managed... November Title 2.6.2, subsection 1, lett. The transaction amount is in line... Astaldi S.p.A. announces that, as of today’s date, the rating agency Fitch Ratings Inc. has lowered its Issuer Default Rating (IDR) on Astaldi S.p.A. to ‘CCC-’ from ‘B’ and placed the ratings on Rating Watch Evolving (from the previous Negative Outlook).... Astaldi S.p.A. announces that on September 3, S&P Global Ratings lowered its long-term issuer credit rating on to ‘CCC-‘ (with outlook ‘developing’) from ‘CCC’ (with outlook ‘developing’).